White Mustang  Handmade Oaxacan Embroidered Masks
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White Mustang Handmade Oaxacan Embroidered Masks

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A very special family that we have known for 17 years has been devastated by fires and now COVID in Oaxaca. My family in the past adopted their family during Christmas, each one of my parents grandchildren choose one of their children. There are 11 grandchildren and the family had 11 children. We would shop for a Christmas gift then send to them with a special note from each grandchild. 

Now one of my FAVS, I know you cant have FAVS 😂 Edgar is 26 years old is married, has 2 children of his own.  He had the idea to make masks since they are not able to sell to tourists with COVID plus late May their market place caught fire 😢. They need a way to make ends meet.

See Edgar is my fathers name too, even though they are VERY different, my dad Irish and Edgar Oaxacan LOL he has always been special to us  

I will be sending part of the proceeds to Edgar and his family ❤️ I would much rather send to a family I know then to my vendors  These are the only masks I will carry in my store.  

Thank you for your support!

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