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About The Branch Boutique

A mom of 3 boys, a wife and male dogs 😂 I decided to follow my passion of fashion, much needed girl time too.  TBB started out of my home on social media and a simple web site.  As my customer base grew I saw the need to have a location to allow customers to try on clothes.  I am not willing to give up my time with my boys, in order to have a store I must work my time there around my families schedule.  My hours are Monday - Friday 10am-2pm.  If these hours do not work for your schedule I also book private appointments.  DO NOT be shy....I LOVE my appointments as this allows me to get to know you better.  

You won't find any models here, unless I haven’t has time to take pictures.  Pics on our website are of me - the branch boutique owner. I want you to see me wearing pieces I have personally hand-selected for all you the branch ladies! I typically wear a size small sometimes medium because of the "girls"  and I'm 5'2" in height.  I will also indicate in the description of the piece what size I'm wearing and how the piece generally fits!  ENJOY!